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SQL Configuration

Before running QBM for the first time after successfully installed, you have to change the MS SQL Start Up type.
Please follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Start-> Control Panel-> Administrative Tools-> Services
  2. Double click to open MS SQL Browser from list of services
  3. Click on start up type and select ” Automatic Start Up” and click Apply button
  4. Click Start button. once service started close all open menu.
  5. Open Quick Business Manager and Create Company

Create New Company

How to create new company?

  1. Run QBM
  2. Click File>New Company
  3. Type company name and click next
  4. Enter company address.
  5. Enter the currency symbol and click next
  6. Type the password and click next. Default password: sa1
  7. In next window click next and wait until it created the company successfully.
  8. Click Finish